Vetstarter is a non-profit crowd funding platform for honorably discharged service disabled veterans who want to start small businesses. There are over 2.2 million Wounded Warriors, and many have paid a heavy price for their service to our country. As a community we can help these young men and women regain their Independence.
MENTOR: Prior to starting a funding campaign a service disabled veteran is first teamed with a business mentor through one of the excellent entrepreneurial programs available to them free of charge. During this time a legitimate business plan is developed and once approved by the mentor the funding campaign may begin.
FUND: Vetstarter next provides a site in which 100% of your tax deductable donations go directly to a service disabled veteran small business campaign.
FOLLOW: Vetstarter also allows the community an opportunity to follow funded campaigns and get to know our military heros and provide support and encouragement as they transition into civilian life.
Vetstarter.org is made possible through generous tax-deductable corporate sponsorships and donations, and from the support of the communities which we serve.